NYTimes.com: Lost Access/Create or Renew an Account


Authorized UD users may access NYTimes.com by creating an account via the Library's Group Pass. Creating an account for the first time or renewing an existing Group Pass account must be done via the Group Pass link (button) on the NYTimes.com more info page.

Once at the more info page, read the information in the light tan box. Next, download the detailed instructions (in that same box) about how to create or renew an account. Steps 1-4 are the most pertinent, though you should read the entire document for additional useful information.

Losing access to your Group Pass account: By far, the most common reason for this is because NYTimes.com requires that accounts be renewed every 365 days. You will not receive a warning that your account has expired or is about to expire. You will just suddenly see a message saying that you have reached your maximum of 10 free articles. You will then need to renew your account (see above)

Answered By: Marie Seymour-Green
Last Updated: Feb 01, 2021     Views: 157