How do I print out a book record from DELCAT Discovery's new interface?

I just want to print out one item record without the results on the left. How can I do that?


The best way to print out the record is to, first, open the record in a single tab or window, and then use the browser's print options.

Here are three ways to open a single item record, starting with the simplest:

  1. From the results list, right-click the item's title link and choose to open the item record in a new tab or a new window.
  2. From either the results page or the item record, use the Link button to copy the permalink and enter it into the address bar.
  3. From either the results page or the item record, click the Save button. This adds the record to My Items. From My Items, click the title to open the individual record.

Visit the Using DELCAT Discovery guide for more information, particularly the illustrated steps for Displaying a Single Item Record


Answered By: Sabine Lanteri
Last Updated: Nov 19, 2019     Views: 182