I want to donate books. How do I do that?


The Library selectively accepts gifts of library materials that support the instructional and research programs of the University.

Generally speaking, desirable gift materials include scholarly books that the Library does not already have in the collection, works that fill gaps in the collection, rare books, and primary source material such as archives and correspondence.

The Library will not accept:

  • Titles the Library already owns (check DELCAT Discovery for Library holdings)
  • Materials in poor condition (for example, musty or brittle)
  • Textbooks

Please consult the "Gifts of Library Materials Policy" for more information about what the Library will and will not accept, as well as contact details.  Other libraries and organizations may accept donations. For options, see the Book Donations guide.

Answered By: Sabine Lanteri
Last Updated: May 12, 2020     Views: 376