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How do I access online library resources from off campus?


With proxy access, you can use most web-based Library databases, ebooks, and electronic journals just as if you were on campus. You can access most of the Library electronic resources from computers at any off-campus location—home, office, another university, public library, etc.

The first time you click on such a link, you will be taken to the Central Authentication Service (CAS) page. After you enter your UDelNet ID and password, you will be authenticated as a University of Delaware user and will continue to your selected link. You generally need to do this only once during your session at the Library’s Web site.

NOTE: Do not use VPN (Virtual Private Network) for accessing Library licensed resources. It does not work with some databases, and its interaction with EZProxy may cause problems. Log out of the VPN and then access the Library resources. See VPN and Proxy servers for a detailed description for using both from home.

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Answered by: Sabine Lanteri
Last Updated: May 06, 2020 Views: 334