How do I renew my Interlibrary Loan book?


Log in to your ILL account and scroll to "Checked Out Items." Click on the Transaction Number for the item you want to renew:


Click the Renew Request button to request a 30-day extension:

The request for a 30-day extension will be sent to the library that loaned the material.  If the lending library denies the request, you will receive an email asking you to return the item as soon as possible.  Renewals are granted at the discretion of the lending library, and are not granted by UD ILL staff.

If "Renew Request" does not appear, your item is not eligible for renewal.  Check the band on your ILL item: if it says "No Renewals," the lending library has sent it with that stipulation. 

Only one renewal may be requested per item: if you've renewed the item already, it can't be renewed again.

Answered by: Megan Gaffney
Last Updated: Mar 30, 2020 Views: 3362

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