I want to show a film from the Film & Video Collection as part of an event on campus. Is that okay?

Instructors are able to screen films to registered students in a classroom setting because of the Face-to-Face Teaching Exemption of the U. S. Copyright Code.  Showing a copyrighted film to a group outside of a regularly-scheduled course meeting requires the person or organization showing the film to obtain additional rights in order to be in compliance with copyright law.  These rights are called Public Performance Rights (PPR).  (Some Film & Video Collection materials are purchased at an educational rate that includes PPR -- these are generally documentary films.  Feature films are very rarely sold with these rights.) 

Different companies will sell these rights for different studios' films, and will typically require a one-time screening fee for each showing as well as information about the number of anticipated audience members, screening date, etc.  The Film & Video Collection Librarian may be able to assist in tracking down a source for PPR, but the Library's collection budget cannot support one-time screening fees.

You may find more information about support available for film event programming via the University Student Centers Student Organization Policies webpage.  If you have questions about Student Centers support for film event screenings on campus, you may reach out to Student Involvement at 015G Perkins Student Center (Mon – Fri 8am to 4:30pm) by calling 302-831-3470, or you may email University Student Centers staff members.



Answered by: Meghann Matwichuk
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