What is digital publishing?


Digital publishing can refer to both traditional publishing in digital platforms (i.e., an online-only journal), and ways of disseminating scholarship outside of traditional print forms like books or journal publishing. It allows for multimodal forms of communication, like interactive websites, audio, or video. You might create a webpage to tell a story about your research as a complement to a printed book or journal article; or present your research alongside a data visualization or digital map; or publish the data that you created so that other researchers can work with it. As you’re creating, you may find that you have questions about copyright -- either your own copyright, or copyright for materials that you want to use. The Digital Publishing & Copyright Librarian can help you think through the questions you need to consider when you are using material that you did not create yourself. Digital publishing also includes thinking about the audience(s) you want to reach, and how to make your research and data discoverable. You might choose to deposit your research in one or more repositories, including the institutional repository or a repository associated with your research disciplines. Make an appointment or send an email to learn more about the choices you have.

Answered By: Kayla Abner
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